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Blog Posts in April, 2016

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  • Still Crazy After All These Years
    Still Crazy After All These Years

    A venerable aircraft with a nickname that cannot be reprinted on a family-friendly website may remain on the flight line at Edwards Air Force Base until it turns 100. The first 160-foot B-52 ...

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  • The Politics Of Trucker Safety
    The Politics Of Trucker Safety

    Proponents of a rest break law for Needles and Boron truckers hope the third time is the charm, but a powerful Democrat says she is also ready for round three. A number of industry groups, including ...

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  • Major Fire Snarls Traffic
    Major Fire Snarls Traffic

    In a cautionary tale for truckers passing through Delano and Visalia, a large truck eventually erupted into a fireball and essentially closed a major artery north of San Diego. The rig was hauling ...

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  • A Wedding To Plan And A Ticket To Fight
    A Wedding To Plan And A Ticket To Fight

    Reality star Rob Kardashian was recently cited for travelling 107mph in a 70mph zone , the same speed limit as the Grapevine. Mr. Kardashian reportedly received two speeding tickets on the same day, ...

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  • Demand Your Day In Court
    Demand Your Day In Court

    After a successful campaign against Fresno County and other Central California traffic courts, some counties still don’t get it. The ACLU threatened legal action against San Mateo County if it did not ...

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  • Ticket Quota Lawsuit Dismissed
    Ticket Quota Lawsuit Dismissed

    A California judge threw out a whistleblower lawsuit based on a ticket quota program that may be similar to the ones in Bakersfield or Mojave. Long Beach officers Pablo Orduno and Alberto Vargas ...

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