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Blog Posts in May, 2015

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  • Slow Down In The Show-Me State
    Slow Down In The Show-Me State

    Speed traps are illegal in Bishop and Independence, but if you're planning a trip to Jefferson City, Boonville or another small town in Missouri, keep a close eye on your speedometer. In 2013, state ...

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  • Good Luck With That
    Good Luck With That

    Another California lawmaker has proposed another ticket amnesty program. This one is targeted at drivers in Bakersfield who have lost their licenses, or had them suspended, due to unpaid citations and ...

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  • Traffic Tickets Hurt Those Who Are The Most Vulnerable
    Traffic Tickets Hurt Those Who Are The Most Vulnerable

    According to a recent report , four million Californians have invalid drivers' licenses because they cannot afford to pay their traffic tickets from Kern County and elsewhere. San Francisco civil ...

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  • Winning The Game
    Winning The Game

    One writer recently wrote a scathing piece about traffic court. The lesson is clear for motorists passing through Central California on 395 who end up in other courts as well: if you want to fight ...

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  • Legislator Says Speed Up, Or Else
    Legislator Says Speed Up, Or Else

    One lawmaker in Washington is fed up with the " obnoxious, inconsiderate and dangerous behavior " he sees on the state's roads and highways. California already has a law addressing this kind of ...

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  • Ease Off A Little
    Ease Off A Little

    Why are police officers nationwide writing fewer speeding tickets ? A follow up question would be "why we have not heard the same news regarding speeding tickets in California?" Nevada, Pennsylvania ...

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