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Blog Posts in September, 2014

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  • Fewer Tickets and a Better City?
    Fewer Tickets and a Better City?

    One West Coast city is just as safe, even though its police force is writing far fewer tickets. So far this year, Sunnyside police officers have written two-thirds fewer tickets than 2013. Many ...

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  • Non-English Test Available
    Non-English Test Available

    There is good news for limited English proficiency drivers who do not have a current drivers' license. In addition to the standard English test, motorists can take the exam in Amharic, Arabic, ...

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  • Traffic Ticket in Syria
    Traffic Ticket in Syria

    ISIS recently issued its first traffic ticket. The citation gives general information about the issuing agency, date and time. The named violation appears to be either reversing or driving in the ...

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  • Tougher Cell Phone Law Takes Effect
    Tougher Cell Phone Law Takes Effect

    A broader no-cell-phone law went into effect on September 1. This one was aimed at teenage distracted drivers. Senate Bill 194 ends the exemption for hands-free devices in Kern County, if the driver ...

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  • Standing Up for You
    Standing Up for You

    There's an old saying that "you can't fight city hall." The implication is that it's useless to contest a traffic ticket in Lamont and Shafter, because the judge always finds in favor of the police ...

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  • How Much Is Too Much?
    How Much Is Too Much?

    A "money first" policy may have polluted the relationship between Ferguson, Missouri citizens and law enforcement, contributing to the recent unrest following the slaying of a black youth. Municipal ...

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