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Charges against individuals who are driving with a revoked, suspended, or no driver’s license face severe penalties. In California, it is a legal requirement to acquire a California driver’s license if you have permanently moved to the State of California from another state.

What are the Penalties for Driving without a License?

Driving without a proper driver’s license is considered a criminal offense and the offending individual can be subject to a misdemeanor charge. The maximum penalty of misdemeanors being up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. However, driving without a proper license is consider a “wobbler” offense, which means that the given charge is on the fence of two charges and either one may be selected by the proper legal authorities. The charge of driving without a license is subject to an infraction or a misdemeanor. If an infraction is selected than the offending party is subject to pay up to $250 fine and, if they have not already done so, must obtain a proper California driver’s license.

However, to prove that an individual was driving without a proper license three factors are reviewed:

  • The driver in question was not in possession of a California driver’s license while they were operating a motor vehicle.
  • The driver was operating on a highway.
  • AND the driver did not have proper authorization to drive without a license.

Don’t Risk It, Contact a Qualified Traffic Ticket Attorney

While many legal authorities might be inclined to reduce the charge to an infraction, following the charged party’s cooperation in acquiring a California driver’s license, you should not subject yourself to the risk. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help defend you in your case with proven strategies that have garnered us a track record of success.

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