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Pulled over for a speeding ticketAt Bigger & Harman, APC, we provide timely and reliable legal assistance to those who have been ticketed for traffic offenses, such as speeding. Speeding tickets can be costly and can rack up points on your driving record, which can also spike up your insurance rates. If you were issued a speeding ticket, we can help you challenge your traffic offenses and help you avoid these penalties. We will do everything in our power to make sure your driving record is clean!

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Penalties for Speeding

By contacting an experienced speeding ticket lawyer from Bigger & Harman, APC, and contesting your speeding ticket you could possibly avoid the following penalties:

  • Excessive fines
  • Points on their driving record
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Suspension of their driver’s license
  • Loss of driving privileges

Cited for Speeding 100+ mph?

It is crucial that you consult with a competent, local traffic attorney as soon as possible, especially if your speeding ticket involved speeding in excess of 100 mph (VC 22348(b)). We may be able to help you successfully modify the penalties and charge that you are facing.

Speeding over 100 mph can carry heavy consequences, including:

  • At least $900 in fines
  • License suspension of up to 30 days for a first-time offense
  • Two points added to your driving record for 7 years
  • Increased insurance premiums

Each moving violation (including minor infractions) that you are convicted of adds points to your license. If you accrue 4 points within a year, 6 points within two years, or 8 points within three years, the DMV will suspend your license under the Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS).

How Can Speeding Affect My Insurance?

In addition to the DMV penalties, you may also face higher insurance premiums, which means you will continue to pay for your mistake even after you have paid the ticket fines. Speak with a local traffic lawyer today to begin preparing a defense. Our team understands the complexities of traffic courts, and we know the ins and outs of traffic defense, including the right Court personnel to approach, and how to approach them.

Kern County Ticket Lawyers as Seen on Bakersfield Law TV

As members of the California Traffic Defense Bar Association, we possess the knowledge and resources required to handle speeding tickets in various courts. Our firm is proud to have been recognized for our legal excellence and to have been featured on Bakersfield Law TV. With more than a decade of legal experience to our name, we have the legal insight and resources to protect your driving rights.

As our client, you may also benefit from the following:

  • Local representation throughout Kern County, Fresno County, Tulare County, Inyo County, and Mono County for your convenience
  • We can handle speeding tickets over 100 MPH, which qualifies as a two-point count California vehicle code violation (VC 22348(b))
  • Intimate understanding of our local courts and personnel

Offering Appointment Flexibility & Weekend Hours

We realize that many of our clients have busy and hectic schedules, which is why we offer appointment flexibility. We also offer evening and phone appointments, as well as weekend hours. The needs of our clients are extremely important to us. Should you hire us to take care of your speeding ticket, we will handle all the paperwork and court appearances on your behalf for a higher chance of success.

Give us a call for the skilled and personalized legal services you need to challenge your speeding ticket.

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