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State Driving Records Requests

Information on how to obtain your driving record by state:





Alabama $5.75 Mail in form. Can Request by phone! (334) 242-4241

$10.00 (online or certified) Mail in form, or fax it. If Faxed, send picture of license with it.
Arizona $3 Uncertified $5 Certified If mailed, form must be notarized! Lamont will NOT accept an online copy from this state! They can get it right away in person.
Arkansas $10 Noncommercial $13 Commercial “Insurance” is for noncommercial drivers.
California $2 Uncertified $5 Certified INF 1125 Form for certified.

$10 Certified $9 Uncertified New! Can request online now! There is no 3-year record. Request 5 years.
Connecticut $20 Certified Form J-23. Mail with Check/MO, Pic of license. Takes 3 weeks to be delivered!

$25.00 Fee is for 3, 5, and lifelong records. Not certified if obtained online.

$8 Uncertified $10 Certified $12.95 Uncertified (2nd website) Mail in HSMV 90511 Form. Takes 2-3 weeks. Act fast.

$8 Uncertified (Certified price is not listed) Mailed in 7 days. Form is submitted online.
Hawaii $9.00 Certified Form DOTH 2067 is submitted to the court to get driving record.
Idaho $9.56 uncertified Website doesn’t specify if you can order certified. Best bet is to go to the DMV.
Illinois $12 Certified $13 online 11-15 business days. Mail in form with check/MO.
Indiana $7.50 non-certified Go to DMV to get a certified copy.
Iowa $7.00 Uncertified
(add $0.50 per page if mailed)
FREE if non-noncertified
You can get a certified record
online Iowa

$10 Uncertified
$15 Certified
Online Copy:$13.70
Mailed in form.
Takes 3-4 weeks.

Can get it online now!
Kentucky $5.50 Uncertified
$3.00 in person or by mail
You need to register to order online.
Louisiana $18.00 Official Record fee Service unavailable from 11:30 PM to 4:00 AM

$6 Certified
$7 Online Uncertified
Mail in form. If you want it faxed back,
add $2.00
Maryland $9 Uncertified
$12 Certified
It appears that you can get a certified record
Massachusetts $20 Uncertified
$6 Certified
Different address to send form to
for certified or uncertified by mail.
Michigan $11 Certified State website has no information on obtaining
certified record.
Minnesota $9 Uncertified
$10 Certified
$11 with letter from Agency
No internet request form.
Mississippi $11 Uncertified State website has no information on
obtaining certified record.
Missouri $4.82 in person
$2.82 by mail and phone order
Dial to Order: (573) 526-3669

$7.25 Online
$7 Certified and mailed

$3 Certified
$3 Online
Mail form for certified
Nevada $8 Uncertified
$13 Certified
For Certified, mail in form IR-022 and send
money order or check.
New Hampshire $15 Certified Mail only
New Jersey

$15 You can get a certified record online!
New Mexico $6.63 Uncertified
$9.99 Certified
Certified can be requested online!
New York

$7 Uncertified
$10 Certified
MV-15 form needs to be mailed with copy
of ID or DL
North Carolina $14 Certified
$10 Uncertified
Certified can be requested online!
North Dakota

$3 Certified
$3 Online, Uncertified
Takes 5-7 business days to be processed.
Ohio $5 Certified , 3 year printout
(Get it online)
They offer a 2 year uncertified record for
free, but that might not be much help to
Oklahoma $25 Uncertified
$28 Certified
You can only pull a 3 year.
Oregon $3 Certified count print Choose type carefully. Long list.
Pennsylvania $9 Uncertified
$32 Certified
Website seems to accept online requests for
certified records.
Rhode Island $19.50 Certified Certified can be printed or downloaded
South Carolina $6 Certified Form MV-70 can be found at the bottom of
the page.
South Dakota $5 Certified Must be mailed in. Request needs to be
Tennessee $7 Certified
$5 Certified
Two weeks if mailed.

TYPE 2A for Lamont

$6.50 Uncertified
$12 Certified

$6 Uncertified
$10 Certified
Takes 3 weeks. Mail in forms DLD60m and
DLD226m. Request online by using link 2
Vermont $14

$9 Uncertified
$14 Certified
$8 Online Copy
Form is very tricky. Be careful!

$13 (for certified and online) The online MVR is only available for 24
hours after payment!
West Virginia $5 Uncertified
$6 Certified
Wisconsin $5 Uncertified
$12 Certified
Wyoming $5 Mail in form from website or write letter.

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