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Blog Posts in January, 2014

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  • Too Fast or Too Slow?
    Too Fast or Too Slow?

    Plenty of drivers are pulled over for driving too fast, but better enforcement of the minimum speed limit may be a better way to make California roads safer. Though they may not admit it on the ...

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  • Statute of Limitations Extended
    Statute of Limitations Extended

    Effective in the New Year, the California legislature has changed the rules for some hit-and-run accidents. Assembly Bill 184 , which was passed in October 2013, extends the statute of limitations to ...

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  • Report: Suspended Drivers are Dangerous Drivers
    Report: Suspended Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

    Unlicensed drivers in California are three times more likely to cause a fatal crash than licensed drivers, according to a 2012 report. The DMV report studied crash data over a 23-year period, from ...

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  • Failing to Appear
    Failing to Appear

    If you fail to take care of a traffic ticket before the deadline, the state may suspend your license without even notifying you directly. You are also in violation of Vehicle Code Section 40508 if you ...

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  • The Emergency Impound
    The Emergency Impound

    An impound hearing can turn an inconvenient traffic ticket into a disaster. Impounding is the very expensive, and actually rather common, result of many Kern County traffic violations. The state can ...

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  • A Few Things to Know for 2014
    A Few Things to Know for 2014

    California passed a number of new laws that are scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2014. While many of the new laws are obscure or only targeted to certain groups of people, there are some ...

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