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  • Sudden Emergency
    Sudden Emergency

    Weeks after a sudden mudslide trapped large portions of Central California under six feet of slime, truckers that pass through Barstow and Mojave are still wary of travelling through the area. Veteran ...

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  • Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail
    Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

    A San Jose motorcycle rider led police on a high-speed chase across state lines until he ran out of gas just over the border in Oregon. CHP troopers tried to pull over 24-year-old Nicholas Abel on a ...

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  • Awkward...

    Intrepid officers in San Jose apprehended a desperate fugitive who apparently forgot both his drivers’ license and his belt. Officers first spotted 33-year-old Alexander Armenta weaving in and out of ...

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  • Price Wars
    Price Wars

    The fines and penalty assessments associated with a traffic ticket in Porterville or Visalia are just the beginning. Due to state laws, insurance companies cannot use some standard metrics, like ...

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  • 'Pay Or Stay'
    'Pay Or Stay'

    In a case that made headlines here in Bakersfield, a Michigan man died in jail as he was serving time for failing to pay $772 in traffic ticket fines and costs. According to the court transcript, a ...

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  • Mono County Courts Avoid Partial Shutdown
    Mono County Courts Avoid Partial Shutdown

    Recently, state officials reluctantly agreed to give Mono County $49,000 to help it meet retirement expenses and keep it open full time. Three years ago, the state basically confiscated county courts’ ...

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