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AwkwardIntrepid officers in San Jose apprehended a desperate fugitive who apparently forgot both his drivers’ license and his belt.

Officers first spotted 33-year-old Alexander Armenta weaving in and out of traffic on U.S. Highway 101 near San Rafael. When Mr. Armenta accelerated to evade police, they initially broke off the pursuit. But John Law eventually caught up to him, and officers blocked in his vehicle on Mt. Sustina Court, which had no exit. Undeterred, Mr. Armenta exited the vehicle and fled on foot. He might have escaped, but his pants fell down and impeded his movement. After he was in custody, officials determined that he was driving a stolen vehicle with a suspended drivers’ license. The passenger was carrying marijuana, Xanax, and some other illegal drugs.

Mr. Armenta was arrested and charged with evading arrest, driving with a suspended license, felony possession of stolen property, and some other offenses.

No Drivers’ License

VC 12500(a) is the primary driving with a suspended license law in California. It states that only a person who “holds a valid driver's license issued under this code” can drive in public places. So, the law covers a variety of situations, including:

  • Driving on an out-of-state license,
  • An expired drivers’ license,
  • Safety-related suspension, like NOTS point suspensions or DUI, and
  • Non safety-related suspensions, like missing a court date or failing to pay child support.
  • Failure to ever have a license

Rural locations like Lamont have a lot of charges for VC 12500(a) because it is a community where driving is a part of life.

A first offense in Bakersfield or Lamont can be charged as a misdemeanor and carry substantial fines as well as a criminal record and/or jail time. There may also be a substantial auto insurance increase that often exceeds 30 percent. Furthermore, since it is a non-point offense, traffic school is normally not an option.

An attorney can often convince the judge to grant enough time for drivers to remedy whatever problem caused the suspension. Oftentimes a complete dismissal or a reduction to a non-criminal charge can be worked out.

Getting Legal Help

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