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Blog Posts in October, 2014

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  • Is Your Car A Target?
    Is Your Car A Target?

    Does the type of car you drive have any bearing on the number of speeding tickets you receive? According to a recent survey , the most ticketed cars in America are the Subaru WRX, Pontiac GTO, Scion ...

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  • No More Close-Ups In Oceanside
    No More Close-Ups In Oceanside

    One California community is not only giving up the revenue generated by red-light cameras, it's also paying extra for the privilege of doing so. Recently, the Oceanside City Council voted 3-2 to ...

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  • Who Is To Blame?
    Who Is To Blame?

    General Motors is poised to release its first self-driving car in 2017. Will the public be ready for such a leap? At the turn of the 20 th century, so-called " horseless carriages " were slow to catch ...

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  • Alleged Reckless Driver Appears In Court
    Alleged Reckless Driver Appears In Court

    A woman accused of killing five people in a serious Fresno car crash had her first court appearance earlier this month. Authorities state that, in February 2014, 43-year-old Juana Martinez Bejarano, ...

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  • New Gadgets In The Lobby
    New Gadgets In The Lobby

    Welcome to the 21 st century, DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles is introducing 120 new animated touchscreen devices for commercial drivers' licenses. Many of these gadgets are in Kern and Tulare ...

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  • The Winds Of Change
    The Winds Of Change

    In a follow-up on a previous post , Ferguson has promised to make some changes in the way it does business. In addition to a Citizens' Review Board, the St. Louis suburb intends to make some changes ...

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