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A study in another state found that the vast majority of super speeders avoid the law's harsh consequences, with the help of a good lawyer.

One study found that 82 percent of super speeder cases resulted in a normal speeding ticket conviction or a conviction for a different offense entirely, such as a defective headlight or even jaywalking. Out of 8,000 cases surveyed, only 26 resulted in a license suspension.

In response, one state governor has asked the legislature to make it harder for drivers to plead guilty to an offense other than super speeding, if they are charged with this offense.

In California, VC 22348(b) is our super speeder law. I cannot count the amount of times I have seen people come into court and attempt to handle an over 100 MPH ticket on their own. The results are almost always disastrous. Just this month, I saw a man come in on the normal type of case that I handle all of the time. He was in Shafter, CA, and I watched his trial, the judge found him guilty, suspended his license, and sent him on his way with a healthy fine. Later, I overheard that man, who had identified himself as 32 years old but was to the point of tears, on his cell phone confiding to someone else about his predicament and his fear that he would lose his job because of this ticket.

It could have been avoided.

The implication is clear from this article: don't be one of the 18 percent who pays full price to dispose of a super speeder ticket. The fines, points and license suspension are way too steep. While the numbers are probably significantly different in California, the consequences are very similar. And an experienced traffic lawyer used to handling over 100 MPH tickets in Fresno, Mojave, Shafter, and Lamont knows the defenses:

Not all of these strategies may get the ticket thrown out, but they may substantially reduce the penalty. The bottom line is that it's a very cost-effective move to hire a traffic ticket attorney.

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