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Alleged Reckless Driver Appears In CourtA woman accused of killing five people in a serious Fresno car crash had her first court appearance earlier this month.

Authorities state that, in February 2014, 43-year-old Juana Martinez Bejarano, of Riverdale, ran a stop sign and broadsided a Ford SUV carrying 29-year-old Esmeralda Tafoya-Saucedo and four children. The SUV burst into flames, and all on board were killed. Ms. Martinez Bejarano admits crashing into the SUV but denied responsibility for the deaths, claiming that a manufacturing defect caused the Ford to explode.

The CHP contends that Ms. Martinez Bejarano was negligent because she recklessly ran the stop sign and was driving without a license. If found guilty of vehicular manslaughter, she could go to prison.

It is unclear why Ms. Martinez Bejarano did not have a license. According to the accident report, she wears a patch over her right eye, which she lost in her childhood due to a medical condition.

In California, medical suspension or revocation is quite common. If you have one of these conditions, it may be reported to the DMV, and the department may take action against your license:

The DMV must grant you a hearing in order to take action against your license. An attorney regularly practicing in the central valley can help you present a number of defenses at this hearing. For example, you may have a note from a doctor saying that your condition is dormant, you may be taking your medication regularly or are otherwise taking steps to be the best driver possible, or you may have a clean driving record. Call for a free phone consultation today.

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