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Blog Posts in February, 2016

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  • Operators Are Standing By
    Operators Are Standing By

    Once again, huge counties like Los Angeles are seeing great results from the amnesty. But smaller jurisdictions, like Kings County, may simply be flooded with phone calls. In the amnesty’s first few ...

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  • Tickets, Please
    Tickets, Please

    Yet another LAPD officer received yet another lawsuit settlement over an alleged traffic ticket quota. Is the system in Los Angeles any different from the one in Mojave? According to court papers, ...

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  • Out Of Business?
    Out Of Business?

    A local lawmaker wants to roll out the prohibition of “probation companies” in Mono and Inyo Counties on a nationwide basis. Several states, including Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, and Montana, ...

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  • Lower Fines For Red Light Violators?
    Lower Fines For Red Light Violators?

    Largely in response to public anger over the issue, a proposed measure would slash the fine for a rolling stop through a stoplight in Bakersfield. Statistics vary, but according to most statistics, ...

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  • Windfall Or Shortfall?
    Windfall Or Shortfall?

    As driverless cars edge closer and closer to reality in Kern County – Tesla and Uber have joined Google in the autonomous vehicle testing sector, and General Motors just invested $500 million in Lyft ...

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  • Shaking The Money Tree
    Shaking The Money Tree

    Add a recent government report to the growing chorus of voices for change in the way traffic citation fines are assessed in Delano and Ridgecrest. One of the report’s central recommendations is to end ...

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