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StowawayA Fresno truck driver had a most unexpected passenger on his run: a California Black Bear from Hume Lake.

The driver thought something was amiss when he felt his garbage truck swaying back and forth, but dismissed it as adverse road or weather conditions. It was only when he reached his destination and employees ran away in fear that he realized “Cinnamon” had been in the back of the truck for the last 65 miles, and was rifling through the trash, taking a nap, or both. The panicked bear took off across the parking lot, but he was soon cornered and sedated for the trip home.

Neither man nor beast was injured.

Truck Driver Rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not keep track of incidents like this, but it does record a wide range of scenarios that it considers to be safety-related, like inspection violations and speeding tickets. Since the FMCSA uses data from law enforcement to compile the Safety Management System score, it is often inaccurate, which means higher-than-necessary insurance rates.

The Golden State also keeps a close watch on truck driver, and there is a different set of rules that applies to them.

  • Points: CDL holders accumulate points at a 50 percent higher rate, so a two-point infraction becomes a three-point violation.
  • Traffic School: Commercial drivers are typically not eligible for traffic school, unless they are in their private vehicles. The violation would still go against their insurance and federal safety scores.
  • Overweight Tickets: The officer is supposed to give the driver the chance to rearrange the load or transfer cargo before issuing a citation, but that does not always occur.

An experienced an aggressive attorney can manage all these consequences, and more.

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