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Operators Are Standing ByOnce again, huge counties like Los Angeles are seeing great results from the amnesty. But smaller jurisdictions, like Kings County, may simply be flooded with phone calls.

In the amnesty’s first few months, the L.A. Superior Court collected almost $3 million in delinquent fees and reinstated about 30,000 suspended drivers’ licenses. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, in order to collect that money and reinstate those licenses, the court fielded nearly 300,000 phone calls, and that figure does not include walk-ups and e-mails.

So, for people who are mathematically challenged like me, it took a minimum of 10 contacts to resolve one case.

Amnesty v Attorney

By the time they make the necessary infrastructure changes, pay staff overtime to deal with the calls, and remit most of the money they make to the state, places like San Bernardino County will be lucky not to lose money on the amnesty. That is one reason that traffic ticket amnesties are few and far between.

The proportion of calls to resolutions has another meaning: most of the callers do not qualify for assistance. In contrast, when you hire an aggressive lawyer, you nearly always see results.

Regardless of your income, an attorney can get a suspended license reinstated in as little as one or two days. Once the case is back on the docket, in addition to getting the fine and/or points reduced, an attorney may be able to get the case thrown out of court. This is especially true in older cases, because very often, the arresting officer may no longer be with the department or may have no independent recollection of the event and is legally disqualified from giving testimony.

Getting Legal Help

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