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Blog Posts in September, 2015

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  • Look For The Signs
    Look For The Signs

    There is seemingly always freeway construction in Central California. The high fines on a construction zone speeding ticket in Mojave or Barstow are a nasty surprise, but there may be some very ...

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  • Undocumented Immigrants Under Scrutiny
    Undocumented Immigrants Under Scrutiny

    A random killing in California reignited the debate regarding undocumented immigrants and police detention policies. The incident may affect laws and procedures in Tulare County, such as AB-60 ...

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  • Obtaining A CDL License
    Obtaining A CDL License

    The procedure to get a CDL license in California is relatively simple, it’s keeping your record clean and keeping a job that can sometimes require considerable effort. To get a CDL license in ...

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  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape

    One of the late, great Marlon Brando’s most famous runs wasn’t in On the Waterfront or A Streetcar Named Desire . Instead, it came in August 1955, as he eluded paparazzi by slipping out the window of ...

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  • Ready For Takeoff
    Ready For Takeoff

    A number of popular sports cars can take off like rocket ships, but don’t try pushing the envelope on the I-5. According to a trade publication, the new Mazda Miata is no longer a “slow” sports car, ...

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  • Watch The Road, Or Else
    Watch The Road, Or Else

    Military bases have joined the national crackdown on distracted drivers. A recent article from Edwards AFB recapped some rather sobering statistics about driving while using a cellphone. Nearly a ...

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