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Blog Posts in July, 2015

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  • Dude, That's My Car!
    Dude, That's My Car!

    Bay Area officials say that the number of car impounds has tripled in the last six years to become the city’s top crime, and the story is much the same in Bakersfield and Fresno. In most cases, the ...

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  • Judge Says Walmart Stiffed Drivers
    Judge Says Walmart Stiffed Drivers

    A San Francisco court recently ruled that the retailer must pay about $100 million in overtime to a group of 720 current and former truckers. The plaintiffs alleged that they performed a number of ...

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  • Confusing, Isn't It?
    Confusing, Isn't It?

    In many ways, Central California is a geographic mosaic, with a mixture of state, federal, and Indian-owned lands. Most notably, there’s a rather large swath of territory in Tulare County that belongs ...

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  • What Not To Do
    What Not To Do

    Six years after he was shot and paralyzed during a traffic stop, the tragedy of Michael McCloskey continues to serve as an object lesson for motorists in places like Delano and Bakersfield. In 2009, ...

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  • Amnesty, Shamnesty
    Amnesty, Shamnesty

    Our own Porterville Recorder recently ran an editorial about Governor Brown’s proposed ticket amnesty, and it wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. The Governor rightly noted that the state had ...

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  • Move Along!
    Move Along!

    Although it is technically against the law to drive too slowly , especially on freeways and interstates, officers in Independence and Mammoth Falls rarely pull people over for this violation, and ...

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