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empty pocketsOur own Porterville Recorder recently ran an editorial about Governor Brown’s proposed ticket amnesty, and it wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.

The Governor rightly noted that the state had suspended 4.8 million drivers’ licenses in the last ten years, due to failure to pay traffic ticket fines. But, many people didn’t pay because they couldn’t afford the penalty assessments and add-ons, and the amnesty plan does nothing to address the root problem. Indeed, several years ago, retired Judge Glade Roper predicted that rising penalty assessments would lead to widespread nonpayment.

Other people object to the amnesty because they fear another such program would encourage people to stop paying their tickets and wait for another discount offer.

Penalty Assessments

The law of diminishing returns is primarily an economic phenomenon, but it is apparent in other areas as well. Any student will say that after several consecutive hours, study time is no longer nearly as effective.

Penalty assessments have reached a similar tipping point. These add-ons have gone up so much in the past ten years that it is cheaper for people not to pay their tickets and hope they don’t get caught than it is for them to pay. Courts in Tulare County, and other services that are dependent on traffic ticket fines, are feeling the pinch.

Years ago, it may have made sense to simply pay the traffic ticket fine and be done with the matter. Alas, those days are gone. Every point on your record can have long term financial effects and the price of speeding tickets will probably continue to go up.

Getting Legal Help

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