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speedometerA motorist is a souped-up 2005 Dodge Magnum was clocked at 153 mph near Detroit. Had he been going that fast near Mojave, what would have happened?

In Michigan, the fine for exceeding 25 mph over the limit is $155 plus $4 for every mile per hour, an automatic vehicle impound, and two points towards license suspension. According to police, the driver was doing about 70 mph when he passed a patrol car. He kept accelerating even though the squad car was obviously going to pull him over. Police eventually issued a citation when the man pulled into a shopping center parking lot. Since he evaded police, he was immediately taken into custody. Obviously, he would have been well served to pull over immediately before his ticket got worse.

100+ MPH Tickets

VC 22348(b) is rather like the Michigan law, in that both of them contain very harsh penalties for violators. Whereas The Wolverine State impounds your vehicle, California can suspend your license for 30 days. But in The Golden State, the financial ramifications are much worse.

In addition to the $200 fine, a basic 100+mph ticket means nearly $700 in penalty assessments and add-ons that can quickly rise higher with every 5 MPH of speed over 100. Most drivers will see their insurance rates increase (sometimes even double or triple), and remain high for up to 7 years. Altogether, a first violation can cost thousands of dollars a year in insurance rate increases. Finally, a conviction for VC 22348(b) is a two-point violation.

Overworked prosecutors in Lamont and Shafter are often willing to reduce the charges to avoid a time-consuming trial. When the charges go down, the insurance consequences go down as well, saving you money.

Getting Legal Help

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