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Blog Posts in October, 2015

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  • Can't You Read The Sign?
    Can't You Read The Sign?

    What does a tow-away zone sign in Los Angeles have to do with the traffic signs in other big cities like Fresno, as well as smaller towns like Mojave? J. David Sackman returned from a brief vacation ...

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  • Caught On Tape
    Caught On Tape

    The Missouri Supreme Court just dealt a blow to those who want to bring photo speeding enforcement to California. Although the decision is not binding in Bakersfield or Kern County, it does have ...

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  • Stop Driving
    Stop Driving

    If certain lawmakers have their way, there will soon be additional driving restrictions in Shafter and Lamont. The State Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 350 , which requires Californians to ...

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  • What Happened To My Check?
    What Happened To My Check?

    Speaking up for all the truck drivers along the I-5, another group of truckers filed a class-action lawsuit against a transportation company that alleges underpayment of wages and other compensation. ...

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  • Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

    What started as a rather low-intensity stop for a mechanical violation turned into something much bigger (no pun intended). CHP officers initially pulled over a vehicle in Salinas pursuant to VC ...

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  • The Check Is In The Mail
    The Check Is In The Mail

    A Fresno laundrymat owner is bound and determined to obtain the $229 the county owes him. Carl Pederson went to court in March over a speeding ticket. The court date was prior to the rules change, so ...

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