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Blog Posts in June, 2016

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  • Putting On A Show
    Putting On A Show

    A combination of new and old faces delighted audiences at Edwards Air Force Base. 1960s throwbacks Grover and Cookie Monster joined 1980s children Elmo and Rosita for two shows at the Oasis Community ...

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  • Eye In The Sky
    Eye In The Sky

    Those signs along the Grapevine and Highway 395 that say “Speed Enforced By Aircraft” really do mean that there are patrolling aircraft overhead which are empowered to issue traffic tickets. Longtime ...

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  • The Feel Of The Open Road
    The Feel Of The Open Road

    After it passed the State Assembly by a wide margin, the State Senate is poised to consider a measure that would clearly legalize and regulate lane-splitting in Apple Valley and Barstow. The ...

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  • Buckle Up And Hug A Cop
    Buckle Up And Hug A Cop

    At a press conference in Fontana, a San Bernardino County woman sincerely thanked a local police officer for giving her a seat belt ticket. Rhonda Lantz said she never wore her seat belt, until ...

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  • A Racy Movie Debut
    A Racy Movie Debut

    Fifteen years ago this summer, The Fast And The Furious roared into movie theaters in Ridgecrest and Mojave. The film, which spawned a number of sequels, starred the late Paul Walker as an undercover ...

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  • Uplifting Puppy Story
    Uplifting Puppy Story

    A UPS driver, not unlike the ones in Lamont and Shafter, rescued an apparently abandoned puppy as he made his deliveries. While on his route, 39-year-old Jason Harcrow, of Hughson, saw a dog spill out ...

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