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Buckle Up And Hug A CopAt a press conference in Fontana, a San Bernardino County woman sincerely thanked a local police officer for giving her a seat belt ticket.

Rhonda Lantz said she never wore her seat belt, until Officer Luis Valenzuela’s citation changed her driving habits. Just a few days later, her truck rolled off the highway after it blew a tire. Because she was buckled, she walked away from what could have been a serious injury accident with only minor cuts and bruises. A few days later, Ms. Lantz showed her appreciation for his act.

Officer Valenzuela remarked that it was the first time in twelve years on the force that someone hugged him after he issued a traffic ticket.

Seat Belt Tickets

Given the high direct costs associated with a VC 27315 infraction ($157.00 for a first offense and $230.00 for a subsequent infraction), this occasion may also mark the last time that someone hugs Officer Valenzuela, or any other peace officer, for issuing a seat belt ticket.

There may be more financial bad news. Because of the way these firms operate in California, an insurance company may use a seat belt ticket as an excuse to revoke a safe driver discount, even though this citation is not a moving violation. Such a move could cost hundreds of dollars a year for at least three years.

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