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Uplifting Puppy StoryA UPS driver, not unlike the ones in Lamont and Shafter, rescued an apparently abandoned puppy as he made his deliveries.

While on his route, 39-year-old Jason Harcrow, of Hughson, saw a dog spill out of a passing pickup truck; another motorist said that the truck driver had actually opened the door and tossed the dog out of the cab. The puppy, which Animal Control officers believe is a year-old Cairn terrier, hid under Mr. Harcrow’s truck. He eventually coaxed to puppy out and dropped it off at a nearby police substation. The puppy was turned over to Stanislaus County Animal Shelter, where it will be available for adoption if its owners do not claim it within a few days.

The rescue is noteworthy because, as Mr. Harcrow observed, dogs and delivery people normally do not have a close working relationship.

Safety Management System (SMS) Scores

Puppy rescue is not something that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration measures, but it does keep track of many other roadway safety-related issues. Some of these items include:

  • Inspection violations,
  • Speeding tickets,
  • Crash responsibility, and
  • Safety violations, like overweight tickets.

Test results are available to potential employers, current employers, insurance companies and any other interested parties, so a high score can cost you in terms of lost opportunities and higher insurance premiums. The government can also take adverse action against high-scoring drivers, up to and including license suspension.

For the most part, the government relies on law enforcement sources to calculate SMS scores. Therefore, if you get a fix-it ticket and timely address the situation, the violation may still show up in the database even though the citation was dismissed. An attorney can verify your score to help ensure that there is no inaccurate information.

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