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Blog Posts in January, 2016

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  • Reckless And Deadly Wrong-Way Crash
    Reckless And Deadly Wrong-Way Crash

    Three people are dead after a wrong-way driver on Interstate 5 reached speeds of over 100mph before colliding with another vehicle. Police began pursuing the vehicle not far from San Diego after the ...

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  • Officer's Discretion
    Officer's Discretion

    Even in a seemingly objective situation like a nonfunctioning headlamp, an officer has the discretion to follow four different courses of action , and courts in Mono or Inyo County almost never ...

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  • Roll Call
    Roll Call

    Over 60 California cities – from Anaheim to Yucaipa – have ended their Redflex contracts in recent years and dismantled their red light cameras. Bakersfield is a notable exception, and a nearby ...

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  • Good Point
    Good Point

    For those of you who are just tuning in, the high penalty assessments on Bishop and Independence traffic tickets are not directed to the programs they were initially designed to fund. Case in point: ...

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  • Scofflaws

    Bay Area police hand out carpool violation tickets like officers in Apple Valley and Barstow issue tickets for seat belt violations. Area peace officers issued a record number of citations in 2015, ...

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  • More Driverless Drivers
    More Driverless Drivers

    Everyday drivers in Lamont and Shafter might soon join the ranks of trained professionals that are test driving autonomous vehicles, according to draft rules issued by the State of California. ...

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