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money behind gavelSpeaking up for all the truck drivers along the I-5, another group of truckers filed a class-action lawsuit against a transportation company that alleges underpayment of wages and other compensation.

Court documents state that Conner driver Ubaldo Figueroa was a piece-rate driver who did not receive overtime, paid meal breaks, or paid rest periods, as required under state and federal law. California law is particularly worker-friendly in this area. It defines “hours worked” as “the time during which an employee is subject to the control of an employer, and includes all the time the employee is suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so.” The complaint demands $75,000 in damages for Mr. Figueroa and a maximum $5 million for the class.

Conner is a subcontractor for DHL, Airborne Express, FedEx, and several other companies.

Truck Drivers and Traffic Tickets

Rightly or wrongly, the law holds commercial drivers to a higher standard than non-commercial operators. Furthermore, because of legal restrictions on the way California insurance companies do business, a traffic ticket in Mojave or elsewhere has a significant impact on insurance rates.

  • Points: CDL holders accrue points toward NOTS suspension at one and one-half times the rate of non-commercial drivers. Furthermore, although traffic school may be an option to avoid part of the fine, it may not erase a ticket from a CDL operator’s driving record.
  • Insurance Rates: Anyone who drives knows that, in this sector, profit margins are incredibly thin. And, since California insurance companies cannot consider credit reports or shopping habits when setting rates, any traffic ticket drives premiums up. These costs can get so high that it is too expensive to go on the road.
  • PSP: Traffic tickets affect a driver’s Pre-Employment Screening report. The data for this score comes from law enforcement and not the courts, so even though a ticket was dismissed or the charges were reduced, it may still be on your PSP.

An attorney helps in all three areas, by keeping your record as clean as possible.

Getting Legal Help

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