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speedingA number of popular sports cars can take off like rocket ships, but don’t try pushing the envelope on the I-5.

According to a trade publication, the new Mazda Miata is no longer a “slow” sports car, as it breaks the six-second barrier when accelerating from zero to 60. Its time is as fast as a higher-priced Camaro, and considerably faster than the much ballyhooed Lexus IS 250 and BMW 320i. It even has more pep than a vintage Ferrari and Lamborghini. Even a 1990 Ferrari could only manage a tie with the Miata.

The new Mazda Miata should be rolling into Kern County dealerships sometime this fall.

Super Speeder Ticket

These sports cars can cover some serious ground on that wide and straight stretch of freeway from the Nevada border to about Mojave, especially since there’s a rather steep downhill grade. That is, until the party lights begin to dance in the rear-view mirror, because a 100+mph citation ruins the mood in a hurry.

Not only do VC 22348(b) citations cost up to $2500, even for a first violation, they carry some other serious consequences. These tickets are among the few two-point infractions in the vehicle code, and that’s one giant leap towards a long-term license suspension. The judge will also yank your license for about a month, just by virtue of a 22348(b) conviction. Traffic school is not an option because of the speed.

Oftentimes, an attorney can get the charges reduced to simple speeding, saving thousands of dollars over the seven- year period that a VC 22348(b) would be on your record.

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