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Plenty of drivers are pulled over for driving too fast, but better enforcement of the minimum speed limit may be a better way to make California roads safer. Too Fast or Too Slow?

Though they may not admit it on the record, many officers prefer that traffic be flowing at about the same speed, even if that speed is somewhat above the posted speed limit. The reason is simple: when most vehicles are moving at about the same speed, there are fewer lane-changes and sudden stops or slowdowns, less impatient drivers, and fewer tailgating.

There is a scientific basis for this attitude: as far back as 1964 and as recently as 2003, government researchers concluded that travelling at the median speed was the best way to avoid accidents.

The current minimum speed law - Vehicle Code Section 22400 - is vague and only applies on major highways. VC 22400 also prohibits stopping on a highway, so a motorist with a disabled vehicle must quickly figure out a way to move over to the side. The only exceptions to the minimum speed law are:

Many roads do not have a posted minimum speed limit, making these violations much more difficult to enforce on the street and much more difficult to prove in court. But in a reasonable speed zone violation, an attorney practicing in Kern County can use the "variance kills" theory in your defense.

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