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The California woman who received a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving last year is now free.

As previously predicted Google Glass Ticket Dismissed, the state was unable to prove that the Google Glass device was operating at the time that 44-year-old Cecilia Abadie was driving her car on her way home from San Diego in October 2013. The testimony suggested that Officer Keith Odle issued the citation only after Ms. Abadie became belligerent when questioned.

Ms. Abadie, a technology entrepreneur, said she felt that the judge reached the correct decision. Commissioner Blair also dismissed a related speeding ticket, as there was a lack of evidence as to Ms. Abadie's speed.

Prove it

Peace officers use a wide array of equipment to determine whether or not a vehicle is speeding. While the accuracy of these devices can seldom be called into question, the state must still prove every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

California defines reasonable doubt as " an abiding conviction that the charge is true." Many people tend to rush to judgment and make up their minds quickly, and juries in Mojave are certainly no exception. But a jury must examine the evidence slowly and carefully; after all, the jury does go to the room to "deliberate." After that careful examination, if there is enough compelling evidence remaining, a jury may return a guilty verdict. The better job your traffic ticket attorney in Bakersfield can do of explaining this process to the jury, the better chance you have of an acquittal.

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