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Ease Off A LittleWhy are police officers nationwide writing fewer speeding tickets? A follow up question would be "why we have not heard the same news regarding speeding tickets in California?"

Nevada, Pennsylvania and a number of other states all report that police wrote fewer speeding tickets in 2014. One reason may be an increased focus on distracted driving and DUI violations. Wisconsin police said that federal STEP grants have all but ended. Ohio raised its speed limit to 70mph on some roadways, and speeding tickets declined about 10 percent. A fourth reason may be decreased staffing levels due to budget cuts.

Earlier this year, Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice James Hardesty predicted that the Nevada courts would run out of money this summer due to the drop in speeding ticket revenue.

While news articles are coming out about lower levels of speeding tickets being issued in other parts of the country, CHP still seems to be writing motorists up for drivers who zoom by Lamont, Shafter, Mojave and other smaller towns that depend on ticket revenue. In fact, Kern County, partly because of its long, straight stretches of roads through open country, has developed the reputation of one of the easiest places to get a ticket in the state. Many a traveler on the I-5 has never stopped in Kern County except by the side of the road to get a yellow slip from a local CHP Officer.

California in general has raised the assessments and fees associated with a traffic ticket to the point that it's one of the most expensive places in the nation to get a ticket. The California Legislature has decided that they would raise money through a travelers' ticket tax for their pet projects, and anyone who gets a ticket in California has to pay.

But just like you have a better chance of winning the Daytona 500 in a racecar as opposed to a Geo, you have a much better chance of obtaining a good result in traffic court if you have an experienced attorney as your advocate. Call an experienced traffic lawyer who knows the local courts for a free consultation.

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