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A Texas survey uncovered some interesting facts about super speeder tickets that could be analogous to over 100mph violations in Kern County and Fresno.

Most of these violations occurred in either sparsely-populated rural areas or heavily urbanized counties. Sutton County, population 4,006 and proud home of the world-famous Caverns of Sonora, led the way with 331 100mph+ citations. This county is on a nearly empty stretch of Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso. Dallas County and suburban Collin County, along with Harris County (Houston) and nearby Montgomery County, also made the top 25 list.

Altogether, Sutton County and seven other Trans Pecos/Edwards Plateau counties accounted for 1,221 super speeder tickets.

Central California has a lot of long, open highway stretches, both east-west across the Mojave Desert on Highway 395 and north-south on I-5 through the Central Valley and up over the Grapevine going to or from Los Angeles. So, it is little wonder CHP and other officers cite so many drivers for violating VC 22348(b), the 100mph+ speed limit law in Kern County.

A first violation carries a maximum $500 fine. If you think that's a lot, just wait until the state adds penalty assessments and costs, which make the total bail fee around $900. And, if you think that's a lot, wait until you get your next premium notice from your auto insurance company. Many insurance companies treat a conviction for VC 22348(b) like a serious violation in the same category as a DUI or reckless driving ticket.

A 22348(b) conviction also carries two points, and a judge in Fresno or elsewhere can suspend your drivers' license for up to 30 days.

An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charge reduced, perhaps to simple speeding or even a better result. A lawyer can also leverage any defense you have and get the ticket thrown out, saving you even more money.

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