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Dont Call Me AgainA new lawsuit alleges that a Chicago debt collector – like the ones that are used for many Inyo and Mono County unpaid traffic tickets – used illegal collection tactics.

According to court documents, Keisha Newsom had unpaid traffic tickets from 2007 and 2008. These tickets were sold to Harris & Harris, an Illinois debt buyer. Ms. Newsom states that the firm ran a skip trace to find her cell phone number, and even after she sent Harris & Harris a cease-and-desist letter, the firm kept sending automated phone calls to her cell phone. It is against both California and federal debt collection law to call a cell phone without the owner’s consent, and using an auto-dialer is a bit of a grey area as well.

Ms. Newsom demands damages of $4,500 per call. If a judge certifies the suit as a class action, the company could also be forced to repay some of the money it collected.

Drivers’ License Suspension and Unpaid Tickets

With roughly $10 billion in unpaid traffic ticket debt, the state is now more aggressive than ever when it comes to collecting this money. But, for those who have unpaid tickets, a few calls to a cell phone may be the least of their concerns.

If a driver misses a court date or a payment deadline, for whatever reason, the state nearly always automatically suspends the person’s drivers’ license. The notice is mailed to the address the DMV has on file, and since that address is often incorrect, many people have no idea they are driving with suspended licenses. A VC 14601 (driving with suspended license) misdemeanor carries a fine that can total more than $1500 total (fines and penalty assessments), two points, and a maximum six months in jail for a first offense.

In most cases, an attorney can get the suspension order set aside in only a few days. Moreover, the lawyer will fight your ticket when it goes to court, to save you money.

Getting Legal Help

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