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Major Fire Snarls TrafficIn a cautionary tale for truckers passing through Delano and Visalia, a large truck eventually erupted into a fireball and essentially closed a major artery north of San Diego.

The rig was hauling building supplies, and possibly due to a mechanical or loading defect, the load caught fire, and the driver barely had time to pull over and escape before the cab was completely engulfed. Firefighters battled the blaze for nearly a half hour; they put out the fire but were unable to salvage any of the truck or its contents.

No one was injured, but State 78 was closed for most of the morning commute.

Trucker Violations

Large truck wrecks have the potential to cause such serious damage and personal injury that law enforcement likes to keep very close tabs on these vehicles. Some cynics would say that there is another element as well: large trucks are easy to spot, easy to pull over, and basically incapable of evading authorities.

The Vehicle Code is full of infractions that specifically target large trucks, but some of the more common ones in the High Desert are:

  • Overweight: VC 35550, and the other provisions related to it, also address the type of load, because certain cargo can only be hauled in certain places.
  • Truck Speed: If you’re on I-40 and don’t start slowing down when you cross the Colorado River, the CHP will probably get you for exceeding the speed limit once you cross the California line.
  • Lane Violation: This one isn’t much of a problem on the open road, because most truckers stay in the right lane anyway. But when the traffic gets heavier, it gets harder to stay in that lane.

Truckers accumulate points at a 50 percent greater rate than non-commercial drivers, so a two-point infraction means three points on your CDL.

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