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The WorstNumerous government regulations and high equipment costs are two of the main reasons that life is harder for truckers in Bishop and Independence than in any other part of the country, according to a recent survey.

California, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, and Massachusetts were the worst states in the Union for small trucking companies and independent drivers, an assessment that J.B. Hunt’s Regional Operational Manager Scott Chatten did not dispute. He says that the CARB clean air rules mean expensive equipment and costly fuel. Others cited the 2014 court decision which requires a paid meal break in the first five hours of a shift. The Piece-Rate law, which took effect January 1, creates an additional paperwork burden for companies.

Tennessee, Washington, Oklahoma, Texas and Indiana, were the best places to own a small shipping company.

Common Trucker Vehicle Code Violations

Environmental and business regulations may be good or bad, largely depending on your economic and political perspective. But some provisions in the Vehicle Code, along with the way they are enforced, undoubtedly make California a trucker un-friendly state.

Some of the most frequent violations include:

  • Overweight Violations: Inspectors are supposed to give truckers an opportunity to shift their loads or offload some cargo before issuing these citations, but such leniency is not always granted.
  • Truck Speed Limit: The downhill grade from the Nevada border to Barstow is one of the most highly-enforced roadway sections in the Golden State.
  • Lane Violation: As the Grapevine moves into Bakersfield and Fresno, the speed limit is not as much of a problem, but the heavy traffic makes it difficult to adhere to the no-left-lane rule.

Commercial drivers accrue points at a 50 percent greater rate than non-commercial drivers.

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