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undefinedOne of the most dangerous places for a misdemeanor speeding ticket for truckers is South Lake Tahoe, CA, just across the state line from Nevada on Highway 50 before you get to Raley’s.

Many drivers are so used to driving 65 and 70 that the statewide 55 mph speed limit is the last thing on their minds when they cross into CA. They’re likely thinking about a hot cuppa joe and something sweet from the deli at Raley’s or another spot along 50. But the CHP are waiting for you.

You’re driven through CA enough times, so you know it’s true. Sometimes, when you're heading to the Bay, dropping your load, maybe stopping off to see the kids, and quality time with the family is what’s on your mind, not the CHP.

Fifteen MPH Over the Statewide 55 Means a Misdemeanor Speeding Ticket & a Serious Offense at the DOT FMCSA

The CA Vehicle Code sections relating to commercial vehicle speeding are Sections 22406 and Section 22406.1. Plus, the DOT FMCSA CFR 49 Part 383.51, Driver Disqualifications, warns commercial drivers that a second conviction of a serious offense within three years of the first will lead to a 60-day driver’s disqualification by the FMCSA.

Section 22406.1 of the CA Vehicle Code states the maximum speed limit for commercial vehicles with three or more axles is 55 mph. Section 22406 sets the speed limit for all other vehicles on CA highways at 65 or 70 mph.

Likewise, those convictions will stay in your pre-employment screening program (PSP) record for three years. Therefore, if your current fleet manager terminates you, getting hired on by another fleet that pays well will be challenging. Most fleets hiring truckers with a record of convictions for two or more serious offenses are fly-by-night outfits only paying 20-25 cents per mile with minimal or nonexistent benefits.

When commercial drivers are caught exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph or more, they face penalties, including fines, points on their driving record, driver disqualification, and potential suspension or revocation of their commercial driver's license. A commercial trucking misdemeanor speeding ticket can also significantly impact a truck driver's employment, as many trucking companies have strict policies regarding moving violations.

It's crucial for commercial drivers to be aware of the speed limit laws in CA and to obey them for the safety of themselves and other drivers on the road. If a truck driver receives a commercial trucking misdemeanor speeding ticket, they should seek the advice of an experienced CA traffic attorney to help defend their rights and minimize the consequences of the charges.

Consult with a CA Traffic Attorney to Discuss Your South Lake Tahoe Misdemeanor Speeding Ticket

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