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undefinedBus and truck dash cams have become increasingly popular in recent years as a tool for monitoring road behavior and recording evidence in case of accidents. 

Training & Traffic Ticket Prevention

They have proven particularly useful for truck drivers, especially those operating tractor-trailers. These large and heavy vehicles are prone to accidents due to their size and weight, getting cut off in traffic by their four-wheel counterparts, and having a dash cam can provide critical information in the event of an incident.

A dash cam in a tractor-trailer can provide a clear and accurate record of the events leading up to an accident. It can show the truck's speed, the distance between the truck and other vehicles, and any sudden stops or maneuvers made by the truck driver and other vehicles on the road. This information can sometimes be used in court to determine who was at fault in an accident, provide evidence to support insurance claims, and clarify the situation for investigators.

In addition to providing valuable information in the event of an accident, bus and truck dash cams can also help commercial drivers avoid accidents in the first place. Because many of these dash cams come with forward collision and lane department warnings, the driver can be warned before disaster strikes. Other vehicles merging into their lane without a blinker or sudden stops could be a thing of the past with a dash cam. These alerts can give the driver more time to react and avoid accidents.

Another benefit of truck dash cams is that they can help deter reckless driving. Although veteran bus and truck drivers rarely succumb to road rage, novice drivers are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors such as tailgating, speeding, or unsafe lane changes when they know their actions are being recorded. This training device can make the roads safer for everyone, including drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

However, it is essential to note dashcams are not a substitute for safe driving practices that must be a part of every fleet’s training program. Drivers must follow the rules of the road, drive defensively, and maintain their vehicles in good working order. Fleet managers should not forgo necessary maintenance to make routine deliveries. Dash cams should be used as an additional tool to help ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Deter Theft & Vandalism to Parked Vehicles 

It is less likely that thieves and vandals would mess with a parked truck when a dash cam is visible. They know these bus and truck dash cams have ground sensors that activate the camera when anyone disturbs the truck. They won’t want to risk being filmed vandalizing a truck or trying to break into the cargo area.

An installed bus or truck dash cam gives you an extra set of eyes while you have dinner and shower. Although on standby, these cameras are on alert. Should criminal activity occur, you will have video proof for law enforcement and your fleet insurance provider.

Despite many fleet managers thinking their drivers will be caught when they create a collision, more often, video provides exoneration for the innocent driver. 

According to JJ Keller & Associates, Inc., “…most accidents are caused by the passenger vehicle. The FMCSA Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts (September 2022) showed that in 2020, at least one driver-related factor was recorded for 55% of the passenger vehicle drivers in fatal crashes, compared to 32% of the large truck drivers in fatal crashes.

Therefore, having a dash cam onboard and running could exonerate drivers with an unsafe lane change ticket when the Prius driver cuts them off, and the driver must take evasive action to avoid a collision.

“Bus & Truck Dash Cams for My Fleet Will Cost Too Much”

Considering one accident could cost you $5,000,000 or more, increased fleet insurance premiums, and perhaps even an Out-of-Service (OOS) order for your fleet until responsibility is determined, the expense is minimal.

This consideration is especially true if you must change out electronic logging devices (ELDs) because they no longer meet the DOT FMCSA registration criterion. Then, you could get ELDs with a dash cam built in. 

In conclusion, dash cams can be an extremely valuable tool for charter bus and truck drivers operating tractor-trailers. By providing a concise and accurate record of events, dash cams can help determine fault in the event of an accident, traffic tickets, and insurance claims. 

They can also help drivers avoid accidents and deter unsafe driving behavior, making the roads safer for everyone. Trucking companies should consider investing in dash cams for their fleet to ensure the safety of their drivers and other road users.

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