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undefinedCommercial traffic tickets are an unfortunate but common occurrence for drivers who use their vehicles for business purposes.

Whether you are a truck driver, delivery driver, or any other commercial driver, receiving a traffic ticket can be frustrating and stressful. The consequences of a commercial traffic ticket can be severe and include increased fleet insurance premiums, points on your driving record, fines, and even suspension or driver disqualification of your commercial driver's license (CDL).

Understanding the Consequences of Commercial Traffic Tickets 

Commercial traffic tickets can result in severe consequences that can affect your livelihood. Commercial drivers depend on their driver’s licenses for their livelihood. Any suspension or revocation can result in significant financial losses.

Additionally, accumulating points on your driving record can lead to increased fleet insurance, which can lead the fleet manager to terminate you from your driving position when too many moving violations cause a rise in premiums. 

The DOT FMCSA is notified by the CA DMV whenever you are convicted of a moving violation, and they will assess Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) severity points and possible civil penalties. For instance, the fine for a second cell phone ticket in CA is around $260, DOT FMSCA may impose a 60-day driver disqualification for a second “serious offense” within three years of the first. 

Plus, every conviction will lead to a scar on your pre-employment screening program (PSP) record making it more difficult to find employment. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the potential consequences of a commercial traffic ticket and discuss your situation with an experienced CA traffic attorney.

A CA Traffic Attorney Can Help You Navigate the Legal System 

Navigating the legal system can be complex, especially when it comes to traffic tickets. Many commercial drivers believe they can handle a traffic ticket on their own, but this can be a mistake. 

Traffic court judges have the authority to impose fines, suspend your license, and even sentence you to jail time when convicted of misdemeanor offenses, such as reckless driving, a grossly overweight truck (more than 4,501 pounds), alcohol or drug-related traffic offenses, or using your commercial vehicle in the commission of a crime. 

Hiring an attorney focused on traffic law can be the best way to navigate the legal system and ensure your rights are protected.

Negotiating with the Traffic Court Judge

Prosecutors are not involved with minor traffic violations in California, so you cannot negotiate with them. Instead, lawyers must negotiate directly with the traffic court judge. 

Negotiating with the traffic court judge requires specialized knowledge and experience, and it should not be attempted by someone unfamiliar with traffic law. An attorney who has experience negotiating with traffic court judges can help you get the best possible outcome in your case. A commercial driver negotiating with a traffic court judge could get in deep water by admitting guilt during the discussion. If you wouldn’t let an attorney drive your truck, you shouldn’t defend yourself in court. 

Reducing the Penalties of Commercial Traffic Tickets

One of the primary benefits of hiring an attorney for commercial traffic tickets is that they can help you reduce fines and penalties. An experienced traffic attorney can analyze your case and identify potential defenses or mitigating factors that may help reduce your ticket to a no-point conviction or outright dismissal. Additionally, an attorney can represent you in court and argue on your behalf, potentially reducing your fines and penalties or even getting your ticket dismissed.

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Consulting a traffic attorney when you have commercial traffic tickets is crucial to protecting your livelihood and your rights.

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