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Trucking Misdemeanors in Kern County

Kern County Trucking Misdemeanors

Well, of course, trucking misdemeanors are the same in Kern County as in every other county of California. The only difference is how truckers here handle those alleged violations. When truckers and other commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders receive a ticket for a violation, many call Bigger & Harman. They have a reputation for excellence providing for the representation of truckers, as well as a notoriety for being fierce advocates in the courtroom.

According to the CA Vehicle Code and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), misdemeanor trucking violations range from driving more than the allowed maximum number of hours without rest, commonly referred to as Hours of Service (HOS) to unlawful schedules of motor transports. Understandably, convictions for misdemeanors involving transporting explosives have very harsh penalties, more than $4000 fines and a possible trip to county jail are possible.

Common Trucking Misdemeanors and Infractions

Although most truckers are very conscientious regarding their driving record, most common violations involve speeding 1-15 mph over the speed limit, driving too fast for conditions, HOS and other logbook violations, and overweight. Most truckers are responsible drivers because they know any conviction could jeopardize their career. Many trucking operations and fleet managers have a zero-tolerance mindset when it comes to traffic infractions and a conviction for a misdemeanor because of an action by the trucker will lead to termination.

Just a failure to stop for an inspection could get you a ticket, which the law enforcement officer (LEO) could mark as a misdemeanor if the LEO thought you intentionally tried to avoid the inspection. Driving without a valid license, suspended or revoked license, or endorsements are rare events for truckers, and although there are many other traffic violations classified as misdemeanors, such as reckless driving and a hit and run with property damage, you will not often read or hear about a trucker or other CDL holder getting charged or convicted of those. Truckers do not get DUIs in their trucks, they do not hit and run, or evade a peace officer unless there is some serious underlying situation or mental problem.

The most common trucking misdemeanors are log book violations, permits, or bad equipment such as these below. However, the highest fines for truckers normally come from overweight trucks, which can cost them as much as $1.00 a pound. Imagine being 10,000 pounds or more overweight. A truck that is severely overweight is classified as a misdemeanor and requires the driver or their attorney to appear in court and answer to the charges. Day in and day out, year after year, hundreds of trucks in CA cause accidents because of being overweight or overloaded. A truck with too much cargo resting on one wheel can cause the tire to blow and the whole load to shift. Never let someone else load your truck without checking it and the weight. Although for most truckers that’s a given, some rookies may not have been told or get in a hurry to deliver their load.


Bigger & Harman, the Traffic Ticket Team Truckers Trust

When truckers get stopped on I-5, Highway 46, SR-99, and others for misdemeanors violations of the motor vehicle code and they’re scheduled in traffic court in Lamont, Shafter, Santa Clarita, and Bakersfield; they call Bigger & Harman. Because those are the names they know they can trust to give them the best possible representation. When you’re looking at a possible criminal record and the likelihood of having to find a new career, you want only the best.

Bigger & Harman, Kern County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

When you have been accused of trucking misdemeanors, call Bigger & Harman for a free consultation, 661-349-9300, or send an email:

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Raman B., a CDL holder in Bakersfield, wrote on Yelp, 15 December 2017, “I highly recommend these guys if you got any traffic ticket just call them they will take care of that. I got a speeding ticket they dismissed that one and saved my commercial license and points. Thank you so much guys.” That’s just one of the 85 mostly favorable comments on Yelp. Although it’s impossible to please everyone, these guys go the extra mile, every time.

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