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Rob Kardashian Faces The MusicThe reality TV star paid an $1,100 fine to take care of a 100+MPH speeding ticket, like the ones the CHP loves to give out on the Grapevine.

Back in January, Mr. Kardashian was evidently in a hurry to get fiancé Blac Chyna out of jail in Texas, because he was allegedly doing 107mph in his Bentley while still in California. That citation is evidently not the only one his is dealing with, because back in April, he said he was taking Ubers “daily” because his drivers’ license expired on his birthday and he had “to take care of something” before he could renew it.

His attorney initially pled not guilty on his behalf.

100+MPH Speeding

Rich reality TV stars may not particularly care about a huge fine, two points, and a suspended drivers’ license, but for the rest of us, any one of these things is a crippling blow. These citations are particularly common on the Grapevine between the Nevada border and Barstow, because there is almost literally no reason to slow down. Furthermore, most vehicles do not need much coaxing to exceed 100mph and still run smoothly at that speed, so many motorists do not even realize how fast they are going.

The $900 fine for 101mph is only the beginning (the fine creeps up as speed increases). Because of the higher auto insurance rates, many drivers actually wind up paying many times the fine when everything is said and done. And in these cases, that could mean thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

It makes absolutely no sense to give that much money to the state and the insurance company, when a lawyer can often get the charges reduced and appear for you in court.

Getting Legal Help

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