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RIP-William DanserA former Santa Clara County judge convicted in a ticket-fixing scandal passed away at age 62.

Mr. Danser was kicked off the bench and later disbarred after his 2004 convictions on multiple counts of providing favors to friends and professional athletes; two years later, a judge reduced his felony convictions to misdemeanors. Despite the very large stain on his record, colleagues and acquaintances, like criminal defense lawyer Sam Polverino, remembered him as “a devoted father and husband who tried to do what was right. This is all we can ask of anyone as a judge.”

Mr. Danser is survived by his wife, Santa Clara County state District Judge Catherine Gallagher, and three sons.

Traffic Ticket Procedure

Stories like this one invariably make the headlines, mostly because they are so incredibly rare. The vast majority of judges, police officers, court clerks, and the other women and men who make up the traffic ticket legal system in Lamont and Shafter could never even be accused of doing anything wrong, much less convicted.

Normally, when a ticket goes to court, one of two things happens. Legally, there is a big difference between probable cause to believe that a driver committed an infraction, which is the standard necessary to issue a ticket, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty, and many cases are thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Sometimes a trial is not even necessary, because an attorney can negotiate with prosecutors to get the fine and/or points reduced.

Getting Legal Help

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