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Heγçös Not A-Judge But He Plays One On TVRed light cameras like the ones in Bakersfield aren’t always right, and North Hollywood actor Steve Tom is on a quest to prove the he was not behind the wheel of an SUV that ran a stoplight in Culver City.

The Major Crimes actor claims he was meeting with his agent when a man who looks just like him failed to stop at a red light. Mr. Tom says his “doppelganger” is actually a former cable TV executive from St. Louis. Mr. Tom hired a private investigator, who eventually came up with an addresses in both Missouri and Florida. So far, Culver City police are sticking with their story. “We are sure it’s him,” said Captain Ron Iizuka. Legal observers believe that Mr. Tom has a good chance of beating the ticket, because whereas officers only need probable cause to issue citations, judges need proof beyond a reasonable doubt to find drivers guilty.

Two-thirds of the California cities that had red light cameras ten years ago have unplugged them.

Red Light Camera Defenses

Although California cameras take pictures of the drivers, poor identification is often an effective defense, because the CHP does not have Jason Bourne facial recognition software. If the driver is wearing a hat or sunglasses, is not looking directly into the camera, or the image is in any way distorted, a semi-plausible alibi may be all it takes to create reasonable doubt.

Furthermore, not all cameras were re-synched to the new yellow light requirements that came out last year, as some cities preferred to keep the yellow lights shorter to increase their revenue, and hope they did not get caught.

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