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Will California Stops Become Legal In CaliforniaSafety advocates are scrutinizing a bill that’s intended to lower the fine for rolling right turns in Bakersfield and the rest of Kern County.

Senate Bill 986 has faced four votes so far – including one in the full Senate – and has yet to draw a single “nay.” It lowers the fine for rolling right stops at red lights from $100 to $35. S.B. 986, which is sponsored by Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) is one of several Vehicle Code revisions that the Legislature is considering this session. The problem, according to some, is that the provision basically eliminates the requirement that motorists come to a full stop before they turn right. The bill was already unpopular with safety advocates. “Too many tickets means too many people are violating the law, not that the law needs to change or the fines need to be lowered,” one wrote.

The Assembly is expected to vote on the bill before the session ends, and observers anticipate little discussion or opposition.

What is a “Stop”?

VC 21453 currently states that vehicles “shall remain stopped” before they proceed through an intersection; the proposed amendment removes that language and replaces it with “shall not proceed straight through the intersection.” Although the words are different, the provision would probably not change in practice, because motorists who slow down, but do not come to complete stops, are proceeding straight through the intersection. At least, that is probably how CHP officers in Delano and Ridgecrest will interpret it.

If S.B. 986 passes, and it most likely will, the total bail fee (fines plus penalty assessments) will be about $230 for rolling right turns. That’s still very high, but not nearly as high as the current $469, and it’s a good example of how an attorney can get the charges reduced and save you money.

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