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speedometerVC 22348(b), exceeding 100 MPH, and reckless driving are among the worst, and costliest, violations that can go on your driving record.

Meanwhile, reckless driving has an intent element that other violations lack. So, the average rate increase is around 90 percent nationwide. It could be a lot worse in California, due to the state’s unusual insurance laws. Reckless drivers in The Golden State could see their rates go up by about 300 percent and there is evidence that the rates for receiving a VC 22348(b) is not far behind.

Handling a 100+mph Ticket

The best way to deal with both these citations, and especially a super speeder violation, is to convince the judge or prosecutor to reduce the charges. VC 22348(b) has very specific language: the judge must be convinced, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the motorist was going at least 100mph at the precise time listed on the ticket. Proving this element can be a problem, in the case of a borderline speed or a relay stop – when one officer spots the speeding vehicle and radios ahead to another officer with instructions to pull the vehicle over.

There are numerous technical violations of the evidence code that could allow you to exclude proof of radar and visual estimate of speed. A past record of success in beating cases allows you to negotiate for a lower charge with confidence, because the prosecutor knows that you have the skills to get a not guilty verdict should your case go to trial.

Given this difficulty, an attorney can often get charges reduced to simple speeding in these cases, which will save you thousands of dollars and also allow you to keep your drivers’ license, in most cases. There are lots of travelers on the 395 and heavy enforcement for such a rural area. Don’t let a speeding ticket in Bishop ruin your driving record.

Getting Legal Help

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