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questions everywhereState Senator Bob Hertzberg is challenging the notion that his SB 405 is just a quick fix for high penalty assessments in Mono County.

In a recent op-ed piece, he compared the current setup to a “loan shark” who randomly adds fees to make the underlying debt unpayable. He maintains that his partial amnesty proposal is just step one in his master plan. Sen. Hertzberg is also taking aim at the system itself. He cites statistics that nearly all people who lose their drivers’ licenses also lose income, and concludes that “If you can’t drive, you can’t work, and you can’t pay.”

He dismissed claims that the ticket amnesty and reform plan amounted to an outright pardon for misconduct.

Here to Stay?

But the critics are not so easily dismissed. Although the $10 billion number sounds enormous, it pales in comparison to the amount of money the state has collected over that same period. There is no way that the politicians will surrender this revenue stream, and if they did, it would simply mean higher taxes and fees somewhere else.

California suspends licenses for those who fail to appear to force people to pay their tickets, and this mechanism will always exist. Some other jurisdictions, for example, issue arrest warrants for those who fail to appear in traffic court.

While add-ons may eventually start to level off, a reduction may not be in the cards. That is the way things are.

If you receive a ticket in Visalia or Porterville, the best approach is to be proactive. It is a fundamental rule of life that by putting things off, the situation gets worse. But by partnering with an experienced lawyer, you can avoid the high ticket add-ons and auto insurance rate hikes. Take control of your tickets by reaching out to me today.

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