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car accidentAre the self-driving cars that are currently roaming the highways and byways of California the next generation in roadside safety or the next generation of distracted driving tickets?

Google reports that its experimental driverless cars have been involved in only 11 accidents since testing began six years ago. That figure seems impressive, but upon further review, four of those collisions have occurred since last September. The technology company is also refusing to release details about the collisions, simply stating that the accidents were nonserious and not the driverless cars’ fault.

So, back to the original question: are these concept cars safe and the accidents are just a minor aberration, or does Google have something to hide?

Distracted Driving Laws

Almost everyone acknowledges that distracted driving is a very bad habit, but the problem is a tough nut to crack. While the courts in blue states like California and Washington are willing to back severe laws, conservative courts may balk at these restrictions as an infringement on privacy rights.

Currently, there are three distracted driving laws in Bakersfield:

  • VC 23123 prohibits talking on a phone while driving, unless it is configured for hands-free use.
  • VC 23123.5 is a similar that prohibits hand-held texting, a term that includes emails, instant messaging and all forms of text-based communication.
  • VC 23124 applies to minors, and prohibits them from using any cell phone at any time for any purpose, whether or not it is hands-free.

A Fresno appeals court specifically ruled that using and app or web-surfing are not prohibited under any of these state laws.

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