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pizzaOfficers in one California town are using comfort food to rehabilitate their image and encourage good driving habits. Perhaps something like this in Kern County would be more effective than writing up people for going with the flow of traffic.

The Lompoc Police Department has partnered with a local pizza restaurant in a positive ticketing campaign. Wild West Pizza owner Dave Goldy came up with the idea. “We thought it would be a good thing for kids to look at the police as not someone they need to fear but someone that is there to lookout and to help them,” he said. While the focus is on younger people, presumably adults would also be eligible for a free one-topping personal pizza.

LPD officials may have been a bit overly optimistic when they predicted that “the city’s young people may start seeking out police officers in hopes of getting caught.”

Penalty Assessments and Police Image

The traffic ticket system in California has been the subject of much well-deserved negative publicity lately, but it is very important to note that the women and men who issue these citations are normally are often under tremendous pressure to perform.

Getting pulled over is an unpleasant experience for everyone. The drivers obviously don’t like it, and the officers are reluctant as well, because they never know if that motorist was speeding to make it to work on time or escaping from the scene of a violent felony.

When you are pulled over in Inyo County, slow down immediately and pull over at the first opportunity. Then, roll down your window, stop the motor, turn on the dome light and wait with your hands at 11 and 1 on the wheel. Politely comply with demands like “license and registration, please.” It’s typically best to avoid argument, thank the officer, and move on.

There will be plenty of time for argument and excuse later, but leave these things up to an attorney who can obtain a positive result in court.

Getting Legal Help

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