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undefinedThe immediate impact is, of course, the fine. However, beyond the fine are the negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, which typically trigger the hidden costs of a speeding ticket conviction and a massive increase in auto insurance premiums. 

You might think I am exaggerating, but the average CA driver will realize a 30% rise in their premium with just one paid fine for speeding. Here’s how they get you.

First, they will take away your “good driver’s discount of 20%” if you are not eligible or do not complete traffic violator school (TVS). Then, they will add the inherent risk of speeding. That could be around 10 to 22%, depending on your speed.

There are several instances when a driver is ineligible for TVS, such as when they received a speeding ticket in a commercial vehicle (this might be true of Uber and Lyft drivers), it was not a minor infraction, drug or alcohol-related incident when you have multiple tickets and others. It is wise to consult a traffic attorney before accepting TVS. 

Let’s say you were going 1-24 mph over the speed limit or safe driving speed given the weather or road conditions. They’ll usually tack on 10-15%. However, if your were going 25 or more mph over the limit, it will likely rise another 20 to 22%. But, then, speeding 100+ mph could double or triple your premium.

Believe it or not, TVS can be your best friend or worst enemy. Every CA traffic attorney knows it, and those who are upfront with their clients will tell them that it is crucial to finish. 

But, when you really need it for speeding 25 mph over, you must have a traffic court judge authorize attendance. TVS is not authorized for speeding 100+ mph, though some traffic attorneys are able to negotiate with the judge to lower the speed below 100 mph and authorize TVS attendance as part of a plea deal to the lesser charge.  

Guess what happens if you don’t complete the course within the court-ordered time? At worst, the judge could hold you in contempt, but they usually won’t do that, but they could enforce the original charge. That would mean your guilty plea is enforced. 

Other impacts of a speeding ticket, paid fine, or conviction is the damage to your reputation:

  • If you use the company vehicle, a conviction might strip you of that privilege. 
  • Many prestigious colleges and universities check your driving record during the recruiting process.
  • Lyft, Uber, and other commercial driving employers might reject your application or limit your hours, pay, and benefits.
  • Too many points can lead to a suspension of driving privileges.
  • A guilty plea for speeding could impact a civil suit for injuries if the speeding ticket was part of an accident or incident.  

Be sure to consult a traffic attorney about the impact of paying the fine or accepting TVS. It might not be in your best interest.  

How Much Do California Drivers Pay for Auto Insurance? The Hidden Costs of a Speeding Ticket

There are several authorities on CA auto insurance. One we respect, is Their article, “Average cost of car insurance in CA for 2024,” states that the average California driver pays $2,633 annually or $219 monthly for auto insurance. 

Your auto insurance premium could be higher or much lower, depending on your coverage. Several factors affect the cost of insurance coverage, such as age, zip code, and miles driven to and from work or school, but mostly your driving record. Much of that high average is due to Los Angeles drivers and drivers between 16 and 25.

Los Angeles drivers pay an average of “$3,600, 37 percent more than the state average” for full coverage auto insurance. Further, having a year-old on your policy will cost you an average of $6,136 annually

However, when you pay the fine for a 1-15 mph over speeding ticket, you will add $789.90 annually for a minimum of three years to your premium if you are not eligible or don’t finish TVS. Imagine how much you would add to a policy in LA or with a 16-20-year-old on the policy.

Likewise, a 25 mph or more over the speed limit paid fine could add even more. 

Your best option is to consult a traffic attorney to determine if it is wise to plead guilty and accept TVS if you are eligible or dispute your ticket in court with the assistance of a traffic attorney. 

Most drivers will convince themselves that it is cheaper to pay the fine and move on. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you pay the fine for a 1-15 mph over speeding ticket, you will add around $789.90 annuallyfor three years. 

Do the math. That’s $238 for the fine and $789.90 for the insurance increase times three, or roughly $2,607.70 total. 

So, that might be the most convenient method, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. Surely, you can find a traffic attorney who uses a flat fee to resolve speeding tickets in court much, much cheaper than $2,600.

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