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undefinedThere are many factors to consider about disputing a traffic ticket, such as traffic violator school (TVS) attendance, the fine and auto insurance increase vs a traffic attorney’s fees, and your reputation.

Is Attending TVS the Best Option?   

The first thing factor to consider in whether to attend TVS comes down to eligibility. If you’re eligible, it could be your best choice. However, just because the court reminder says you are eligible for TVS doesn't mean that it is correct OR that it is your best choice.

There are many questions that the answer could change the entire perspective of whether attendance is wise. For instance: 

  • Do you have a valid CA driver’s license (DL)?
  • Do you have more than one traffic ticket pending? 
  • Have you used TVS to mask a traffic ticket during the previous 18 months? 
  • Were you operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) when ticketed?
  • Was your violation a major infraction (speeding more than 100 mph)?
  • Was your traffic ticket offense drug or alcohol-related?  
  • Was your traffic ticket offense a misdemeanor or felony?
  • Were you speeding 25 mph over the speed limit or safe driving speed? If yes, you’ll need a traffic court judge’s approval to attend.

These are only a few of the factors that could make you ineligible to attend to keep your conviction confidential. That’s right, it is a conviction. You must plead guilty and pay the full fine, county admin fee, and tuition before you can attend.

You must complete TVS so that the completion certificate reaches the DMV for filing before the court-ordered completion date. You must use an approved TVS from the DMV list

“Check the driving school instructor’s license status by calling DMV at (916) 229-3126.”

How Much Is the Fine & Premium Increase

It depends on the violation level how much your fine will be. However, the typical minor infraction is about $237. But speeding more than 16 mph but less than 25 mph over is around $360, a 25 mph plus over the speed limit but less than 100 mph is $490, and speeding 100+ mph over is between $859 and $2,137.  

As for how much your auto insurance premium will increase, it depends on a number of factors, such as your age, marital status, where you park your car, and many others, but the most crucial is your driving record. 

If this is your first conviction or paid fine, you will likely lose your “good driver’s discount of 20%” — for the average CA driver, that is 20% of $2,290 annually for full coverage, or $458

Of course, it could be much less for minimum coverage, about $636 per year (20% is $133.20 per year) for minimum coverage 15/30/5, or much more for those with a teen on their policy, about $5,360 annually or a$1,060 annual increase. A self-insured teen between 16 and 18 will pay around $6,500 annually. Once again, all those other factors, including your driving record, apply.    

Then, the auto insurance provider will add the risk associated with the offense. For most minor offenses the increase is 10 to 22%. Major infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies could double or triple your premium if they decide to retain you as a client. 

Therefore, your top priority in disputing a traffic ticket or not should be to keep your driving record clean and your auto insurance premium the same. 

How much a traffic ticket defender varies by court, violation, and how they approach fighting the ticket. Generally, but not always, the more successful an attorney is at getting favorable results, the more clients they will have and the more they can charge. 

You should always consider an attorney who provides a free initial consultation and uses a flat fee to resolve your ticket. However, if they promise a dismissal, you should be leery of hiring them. The only one who can guarantee a dismissal is a traffic court judge when they put the gavel down.

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