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undefinedCommercial vehicle speeding on the Grapevine can become a significant issue, and understanding the legal aspects of this matter is crucial. When it comes to navigating the steep terrain of the Grapevine in CA, commercial vehicle drivers face unique challenges.

At Bigger & Harman, we are here to provide you with valuable insights into this issue and explain why consulting and hiring us can make a significant difference in resolving your commercial speeding ticket.

Navigating Speed Limit Changes

One of the unique challenges of the Grapevine is the fluctuating speed limits. While the statewide speed limit for commercial vehicles is 55 mph, the steep grade on the Grapevine can cause speed limits to drop suddenly to 40 or even 35 mph without warning.

This makes it essential for commercial drivers to stay vigilant and watch for these speed limit changes to avoid commercial vehicle speeding infractions.

Consequences of Commercial Vehicle Speeding

Commercial vehicle speeding can lead to serious consequences if convicted.

Drivers can face a fine of $285 or $500, depending on how fast over the speed limit they were going. Additionally, if convicted, the DMV assesses 1.5 Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points and the DOT FMCSA Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) severity points. For fleet drivers, these points could ultimately result in termination, jeopardizing their livelihood.

Going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone can lead to a maximum of ten CSA severity points for 15 mph over the speed limit or safe driving speed. These CSA points can be concerning for a fleet manager with a high Safety Measurement System (SMS) percentile.

Understanding the Legal Complexities

Many commercial vehicle drivers hesitate to hire a traffic attorney because they fear the legal fee will be higher than the fine; however, in most cases, that is not how a commercial driver should view hiring a commercial driver law firm to resolve their ticket.

The primary consideration should be the conviction of a moving violation — particularly for fleet drivers. Fleet managers are charged to keep the fleet insurance premium low, and in many cases, they will terminate a driver and take a chance with a driver fresh out of school rather than allow a higher premium.

However, our experienced team at Bigger & Harman can make the legal process less complicated for our clients. During our free initial consultation, we will give you a straightforward appraisal of your situation so that you understand your rights and options. Our primary aim is to secure a dismissal; however, when there are no grounds for dismissal, we have the pros and cons of other potential actions and are willing to discuss them with our clients step-by-step.

Consulting a Traffic Attorney

When facing a commercial speeding ticket in Lamont, Kern County, CA, or Chatsworth Traffic Court on the Los Angeles side of the Grapevine, hiring a traffic attorney is a wise choice.

Our team of traffic attorneys has a deep understanding of the local legal landscape and can navigate it effectively on your behalf. We can help you minimize the impact of commercial vehicle speeding on your record and protect your driving privileges with a possible dismissal.

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