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undefinedFor many commercial drivers, the intricacies of trucking regulations can be complex and sometimes confusing. Operating an overweight truck in Truckee, CA, has its set of legal implications, making it crucial for drivers to understand the laws and how they affect their operations.

Caltrans Permit Requirements for Oversized & Overweight Trucks

One of the primary concerns with an overweight truck is the potential damage it causes to the highways.

Roads, especially I-80 in high-traffic areas like Sacramento and Truckee, CA, are designed to handle a specific weight capacity. When trucks surpass this weight, they stress the infrastructure, leading to early wear and tear. These overweight trucks endanger other road users due to potential road and bridge failures and lead to an increased taxpayer burden for road repairs.

However, there are cargo loads that must be transported that cannot be broken down enough to meet the restrictions imposed by CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 35784Permits and Agreements. When that happens, you must contact Caltrans for a permit

Before entering the state with an oversized or overweight truck, commercial drivers are mandated to obtain a permit from Caltrans. This system is in place to regulate the number of heavyweight vehicles and ensure road safety and longevity. Failure to have this permit can lead to significant legal consequences.

Deviations from Special Routs & Permits

Additionally, if you're on a special permit hauling explosives and get off the freeway to avoid a traffic jam or alter your route without permission, it is a violation of CVC 35784 and might cost you $4,175.00 for the fine. If you are told to leave the scheduled route by law enforcement, you must return to your route as soon as possible.

Indeed, all violation of the truck’s special permits could lead to a minimum fine of $500. And worse yet, if you were given written directions for the route by fleet management or your employer, they are not obligated to assist you with your defense or the fine if convicted.

It would be wise to consult a traffic attorney about every citation before taking action. 

Know Your Truck’s Axle & Wheel Weights

While many drivers believe that as long as their truck's total weight is within legal limits, they're in the clear—that's not entirely accurate.

Weight distribution plays a significant role in legal considerations. An overweight truck can result from excessive weight over a single wheel or axle set, even if the overall weight is permissible. Properly balancing a truck's load is not just about avoiding fines; it's also a crucial safety measure. 

An unbalanced load can affect the truck's maneuverability and increase the risk of accidents. Too much weight on one wheel makes it susceptible to a tire blowout. 

The Financial Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Attorney for an Overweight Truck Violation

Facing a traffic ticket for operating an overweight truck can be formidable. Some drivers may shy away from seeking legal representation, thinking it might be too costly. However, when one considers the potential fin—nearly $1.00 for every pound overweight—the numbers can quickly climb into the thousands.

Drivers must also consider that a severely overweight truck of 4,501 pounds over the limit is a misdemeanor crime.

Hiring a traffic attorney could alleviate the financial burden and offer peace of mind—allowing you to “keep on trucking” while they resolve your ticket. An additional benefit for the commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder is that they do not need to appear in court, saving time and avoiding potential lost earnings.

At Bigger & Harman, we understand the complexities of these regulations and the stress they bring. That's why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation for commercial drivers. Our approach is transparent: we use a flat fee to resolve your ticket, ensuring no hidden costs or surprise fees. Moreover, our fee remains constant, regardless of the court appearances required to resolve your case.

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Operating an overweight truck in Truckee, CA, carries many legal issues. It's not just about staying within weight limits; it's about understanding how weight distribution affects the law and road safety. 

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