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undefinedSpeeding on California roads is a concern for many, but when it comes to speeding more than 100mph, the consequences might outpace your family budget. 

The repercussions of this kind of infraction are far-reaching, and many drivers underestimate the true cost of pushing the pedal past this limit. At our firm, we've seen the after-effects of these choices, and we're here to guide CA drivers through the intricate legal landscape surrounding this high stakes “need for speed.”

Speeding More Than 100MPH on I-15 Will Get You a Mandatory Court Appearance

It's not just a simple fine or a stern warning. If caught speeding more than 100mph on I-15, or any other Californian road for that matter, drivers face a mandatory court appearance. 

You cannot resolve this matter by simply mailing in a fine. We always emphasize to our clients the seriousness of this violation. The court mandates an appearance, or that you hire a lawyer to represent you. 

It Could Get You a $859 to $2,137 Fine

Though the immediate financial sting of a fine ranging from $859 to $2,137 is substantial. However, believe it or not, the fine doesn’t even scratch the surface of the actual expense of a conviction for speeding more than 100mph. 

Many drivers don't realize this fine pales compared to the skyrocketing auto insurance premiums they'll face for the next seven years. In many instances, drivers have seen their premiums double or triple at renewal—if your insurance provider decides to keep you.

That's years of hefty payments, a financial burden that can run into the tens of thousands over that seven-year timeframe. Always consult a traffic attorney before you decide.

Many who have never been in this predicament will say that it is too expensive to hire an attorney. That’s far from the truth. A conviction for speeding more than 100mph could cost as much over $10,000 easily over the seven years the two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points will stay on your driving record.  And that’s if the insurance company decides not to fully penalize you for the full seven years. 

A quick look at the math will show that the average Californian paying $2,290 annually for auto insurance—those without a teen on their policy—and mandatory full-coverage due to a lien or car payment will pay $4,500 to $6,800 per year after a conviction. Now, multiply that by seven. 

How to Maximize Your Potential for a Dismissal

One way to maximize your potential for dismissal or a reduced charge is to consult with and hire Bigger & Harman. We’ve tried so many of these that we wrote a book. 

Imagine this scenario. You and your significant other pulled over on your way to Vegas from LA. The law enforcement officer (LEO) writes you a ticket for speeding more than 100mph in Victorville, CA.

To dispute the ticket (which, given the consequences, you absolutely should consider), you'd likely need to take time off from work, spend money on travel, secure lodging, and endure the unpredictability of court scheduling. You will likely sit in court all day. 

If you're thinking of representing yourself, remember this: If you’re found guilty, there's a possibility the judge could suspend your license on the spot for 30 days. How will you get back to LA?

By engaging our firm, you can sidestep these inconveniences and complications. We will handle every aspect of your defense, from navigating the complexities of traffic court to representing you at trial. No travel, no lodging expenses, and no stressful court appearances.

We can subpoena the RADAR/LIDAR calibration and LEO’s training records. If they’re not current, we’ll ask for a dismissal. If the LEO doesn’t show up for trial—once again, we’ll ask for a dismissal. The Constitution protects you, and you have the right to face your accuser. Plus, there are other considerations and technicalities many are unaware of when it comes to speeding more than 100mph. 

In conclusion, while the allure of speeding might be tempting for some, the consequences of speeding more than 100mph in California are daunting. But with the right information and representation, drivers can make informed decisions and, when necessary, effectively challenge unjust tickets. We're here to guide, represent, and advocate, ensuring that every driver's rights are upheld in the face of these high-stakes violations. 

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